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Techno-Economics Research Unit


To enhance and support the well being of the Malaysian oil palm industry through the dissemination of economics research output related to various aspects of oil palm and other oils and fats.


  • To conduct research on the economics of production, downstream processing, marketing and new technologies in the palm oil industry in Malaysian and other producing countries.
  • Gather information related to the economics of the world oils and fats sector and evaluating its significance.
  • Helping government to formulate policies and industry development strategies.
  • Disseminate market and industry information and industry efficiency indicators.
  • Monitoring of the status, performance and progress of the various sectors of the oil palm industry so that pro-active plans, measures and policies would be implemented for the well-being and growth of the industry.


    • Cost of Production Survey
    • Economic production research such as labour, smallholders, mechanization and planting density.
    • Market development research
    • Forecast on Malaysian crude palm oil production.


Some title of papers that have been published by the Unit

  1. Business Evaluation of the Plantation Industry: The Case of Plantation Firms Listed on the KLSE
  2. The Elasticity of Foreign Demand for Malaysian Palm Oil
  3. Enhancing A Profitable and Sustainable Palm Oil Industry: Overview of Current and Future Prospect Market
  4. Potential and Challenges for the Malaysian Palm Oil Industry in Facing Competition from Other vegetable Oils.
  5. Economics and Marketing of Palm Oil Products Effect of Ownership Structure on Performance and Capital Structure of Non-Financial Firms Listed on BSKL The Potential Demand for Biofuel in Europe
  6. A Study of the Economics of Substituting Paraquat with Other Weed Killers in the Malaysian Palm Sector
  7. Supply and Disappearance: A Review

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