Malaysian palm oil prices pause on expectations of poor export data
Malaysian palm oil futures closed lower on Tuesday, erasing earlier gains which were driven by Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) soyoil prices and a softer ringgit, as traders responded to speculation of weaker export data..... < read more >

‘Don’t merely ape the West’
European countries that sell various goods to Malaysia may be asked to stop tarnishing the image of palm oil. .... < read more >

Malaysians should promote benefits of palm oil
Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s statement that global perception of Malaysian palm oil is not fair due to biased reporting on environmental destruction is most timely. .... < read more >

As palm oils get dumped, processors become packers
India’s edible oil security at stake as palm oil imports continue to rise unabated .... < read more >

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