Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Statistic Unit

Unit Structure



The objective of this unit is to provide statistical service and advise to other researchers in MPOB in using appropriate research method in doing their research, survey, samping and forecasting. Using the right approaches and methods when performancing research is very important to make sure the finding and result can be used for the benefit of the palm oil industry.

Statistical Services

  1. To advise on  suitable research method to design survey, sampling and data collection.
  2. To advise on data analysis, result interpretation and implications, parameter use for forecasting and the accuracy of the forecast.
  3. To advise on suitable computer software to analise data.
  4. To promote Good Statistical Practice among MPOB researchers
  5. To get latest statistical consultant to enhance MPOB research and development
  6. To develop program to enhance the efficency of MPOB researchers to achieve MPOB objective as a leading R & D institution in palm oil.



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